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Two reasons to rent a coffee van for your wedding reception

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Here are two reasons to rent a coffee van for your wedding reception.

Coffee from the van will perk up your guests if their energy levels drop later in the day

Many wedding guests find that their energy begins to wane in the later stages of a wedding reception. This is partly because the average wedding reception spans many hours, and partly because most wedding guests will consume quite a bit of the indulgent specialty foods that are served at this event (which may make them feel full and sleepy).

However, if you hire a coffee van and your guests can pick up a cup of freshly-brewed coffee whenever they want (long after the wedding reception meal is over and the caterer has stopped serving tea and coffee) there is less chance that some of them will be too tired to dance or socialise. This is because for the average person, one or two strong cups of a highly-caffeinated drink like espresso is enough to perk them up, even if they previously felt exhausted. The presence of a coffee van could be especially helpful if some of your guests are tee-total, as these people won't be energised by the alcoholic drinks served at the event like the other guests will be. As such, they may be particularly appreciative of a source of caffeine that will keep their energy levels up throughout this lengthy event.

Coffee pairs well with a wide range of specialty foods

For many wedding guests, one of the most enjoyable parts of a wedding reception is the delicious specialty food that is typically served during both the main meal and the post-meal celebrations. They may get a chance to try a lot of sweet and savoury artisanal foods that they don't normally eat. If you'll be serving a lot of interesting specialty snack foods at the reception, after the main meal, setting up a rented coffee van could be a good idea.

The reason for this is that the type of high-quality, fresh coffee that a coffee van can produce will pair well with a wide range of both sweet and savoury finger foods. Coffee can, for example, be delicious when consumed alongside a cheeseboard, miniature sandwiches and bacon-wrapped brie bites. it can also be equally good when paired with sweet treats like croissants, danishes, ice cream and almost any chocolate-based dessert. As such, if you want to give your guests a non-alcoholic drink to consume with the finger foods they'll eat after the main meal, that will complement the flavours of most, if not all, of these foods, then renting a coffee van could be an excellent idea.

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